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Naptown Garage Doors is a local company, proudly serving  Indianapolis and surrounding areas, offering repair, maintenance and everything in between related to garage doors. We have decades of experience, combining tried and tested methods with new technology, we fix hundreds of garage doors, from traditional ‘up and over’ types to commercial warehouses.

In other words, if you’re looking to have your garage door repaired or changed, you’ve come to the right place.

Whilst most garage doors have a very dependable design as with anything, neglected maintenance can lead to issues. With years of knocking, banging and harsh weather conditions, your garage door deserves the 5* treatment! Thanks to our excellent training program, our technicians are able to quickly and easily identify faults and get straight to work.

Having served so many customers, we’ve noticed a trend of often overlooked garage door repairs. Our advice is simple: if you wouldn’t leave the same repair on your home’s front door, then by no means should you wait for the same on your garage. Any door in your home is a potential pathway to intruders and should be treated with urgency. Once we complete any work we do, we always make sure to carry out a full safety check on your garage.

We’ve also developed some great relationships with suppliers that meet our strict criteria of product quality, so we know our customers are receiving only the best. In fact, we’ve got so much confidence in our products, that we offer a fully comprehensive warranty on ALL of our parts. Put simply: if something was to go wrong, then Naptown Garage Doors will put it right.

If you’ve got any unanswered questions, then why not give us a call? Our team is fully up-to-speed on all garage door needs and are able to offer friendly and quick advice as well as free no-obligation quotations. Leave your contact info in one of our forms or call us now!

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