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    A garage door dent repair can be a headache.

    Not because you have to do it yourself, but it is extremely uncomfortable to see a dented door.

    As we are all aware, a garage door has the ability to keep the family, the employees, and the valuables protected from harm.

    These harms include extreme weather, theft, and temperatures that are high or low.

    Hence, in order to ensure the protection provided by the garage door, it should be given immediate attention when something is wrong.

    We have to look closely when it comes to wear and tear, and in our case, dents.

    If you have a dented garage door, here are some of the steps that you can take:

    Determine the level of damage.

    Garage door dent repair has various methods than could be undertaken.

    The first step is to identify if the panel is interfering with the opening and the closing of the door.

    The door has an assembly that can handle the high levels of tension.

    Hence, you need to remove your valuables, vehicles, and other personal belongings from the area before attempting to operate the opener.

    If the garage door is not able to open or close correctly, then you should call a garage door repair in Indianapolis immediately.

    However, not every garage door material can be repaired in a similar way.

    There are panels that consist of aluminum or steel that are usually easier to repair than wooden surfaces.

    A professional that is certified can help you in deciding what is the best route for you to take in terms of a garage door dent repair according to the specifications of your manufacturer.

    Methods for a Garage Door Dent Repair

    When the garage door is still able to operate, then a garage door repair in Indianapolis can easily fix it.

    Here are some of the methods that your technician can use for garage door dent repair:

    Hammering the Dent

    If you have an aluminum garage door, then you must know that it is popular for its malleability.

    Using the assistance of a professional, the small dents can be erased easily by means of hammering the dented sections back into place.

    Moreover, a professional can also wash the dented surface using soap and water.

    Then, bring a woodblock and a mallet.

    After that, move to the other side of the dent and then put the woodblock just over it.

    Then, hammer down the dented section using the mallet until the surface is now even.

    There are deep dents that may need the use of sandpaper that is of fine grit, as well as an auto body filler to achieve good results.

    Your local garage door repair in Indianapolis will be able to provide you with options for any paint coats for the exterior after the surface has been dried.

    Utilizing a Suction Cup

    You can have a garage door dent repair by using suction cups.

    The same with some automotive repairs, there are some technicians who make use of suction devices in order to correct the dents.

    If you have a metal door, then it will easily respond to such a technique, given that the dings, as well as bumps, are easily pulled outwards and then set in the right direction.

    This suction cup method is good for jobs that are small in scale and can take only a few minutes to be completed.

    Making Use of Heat

    Metal garage doors usually have panels that shift back into place when there is rapid heat and cooling.

    You can achieve a garage door dent repair in no time using aluminum foil, a can of compressed air, and a heat source so as to reshape the dented panel.

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