How To Improve Garage Door Opener Reception

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    How to improve garage door opener reception?

    Most people have a hard time dealing with this.

    There are a lot of factors that can affect the reception of the opener, which include the antenna’s position, the radio frequency, and more.

    To guide you, here is how to improve garage door opener reception:

    How to Improve the Reception

    Having a poor or bad range of a garage door opener is a very common issue among homeowners.

    Simply pressing the remote control button for how many times while on your driveway will not work at all, which could be really annoying.

    You can inch closer to the door and keep on pressing the button but to no avail.

    However, you might find that being very near to the garage door will make the remote control work again.

    Yet, it is a disadvantage.

    You don’t need a remote control if you can just reach a wall switch with the same distance that you need to make it work.

    Remotes rely on signals because it works by means of transmitting some radio signals to the unit that is inside the garage.

    If you are familiar with automatic garage door openers, then you will know that the remote does not easily operate the door unless you are within a certain distance.

    Moreover, if its battery is weak, then the remote itself may not be able to work until you situate yourself really close to the garage door opener.

    You can improve the performance of the opener as well as increase its range by means of adding an extension for your antenna, which you can purchase online or at electronics stores.

    Installing an Antenna Extension

    Before starting the task, you first need to prepare a stepladder, a screwdriver, your antenna extension kit, some insulated wire staples, a light hammer, and an AA or triple-A battery.

    Step One

    Set a step ladder on the spot near the garage door opener.

    Then, depress the tabs that are located on the bottom of the cover behind the unit.

    Then, have the cover removed to expose the connection of the antenna.

    Step Two

    Have the screw loosened, which is used to attach the small antenna of the unit and then remove the wire.

    Affix the wire at the other rear of the extension of the antenna to the screw and then fasten it.

    Step Three

    If it is necessary, you have to reposition the ladder in order to slide the wire of the antenna along the ceiling of the door or the bottom of the ceiling joist that has been exposed toward the front of the door.

    Then, tighten the wire of the antenna every twelve inches with some wire staples as well as a hammer.

    Step Four

    Affix the long stem from the bracket of the antenna that is located at the ceiling or the bottom of the joist using the screws.

    Then, have the wire of the antenna screwed into the other side of the connection coupler on the bracket.

    Have the base of the antenna screwed into the other opposite of the coupler.

    Step Five

    The final step to how to improve garage door opener reception is to have the back of the remote control removed.

    It depends on the style, but you usually only need to slide the back off or remove the screw.

    Then, place the new battery, such as an AA or triple-A in the remote then place the back.

    Just a tip, however, have the remote control affixed to the sun visor in the car instead of using a metal ashtray or a dashboard.

    These can potentially disrupt the signal.

    Before you install the extension kit, just move the metallic objects that may have signal disrupted that are between the remote control as well as the opener.

    Then, test it.

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