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Some and not limited to, the services we provide:

The safety of your workers is hugely important and here at Naptown Garage doors, we completely understand that. That’s why our products are fully checked and double-checked, ensuring that safety is never a concern. We only use the best engineered products for all the work we do.

If your garage door is making noises it didn’t used to, or just isn’t as smooth as it once was, we can help restore it back to its former glory whether it’s replacing or part or just general maintenance.

Motors can be a tricky fix at times but we’re hugely experienced in this field and have fixed hundreds! If yours needs fixing, give us a call today and we’d be happy to help.

Damaged openers can lead to a lot of frustration when opening and closing your garage door. Not to mention, if your garage door isn’t opening at all, then what use is it? Not to worry, Naptown Garage Doors will fix it in no time.

Automatic door openers are a finicky repair at the best of times, which is why you’re probably looking for a professional! No problem – call us today!

A strong, undamaged cable is essential in keeping your garage door feeling strong and secure. We’d highly recommend checking over your cables to check for any damage or fraying, as this can pose a safety risk. If you do notice anything, call us on: [insert number here]

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If you’ve picked up a shiny new garage door and just need it installed, we’d love to help! If you haven’t quite decided on a design, we can offer free aesthetic advice to which door best suits your home.

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