A garage door installation is one that should only be performed by professionals.

This is because it is extremely dangerous, not to mention one wrong move can cause an array of problems.

As such, you should only turn to a garage door installation in Indianapolis for this.

As a guide, however, here are some of the steps that you should take when you perform a garage door installation:

Release the tension.

The first thing that you need to do is to have the tension released in the torsion spring.

This should be done before you begin working on the garage door.

Simply start by placing some locking pliers that are adjustable onto the shaft of the spring and then wedge the pliers on the wall header that is located above the door.

Remove the door panels.

Begin the garage door installation by removing the door panels first.

You can start at the top panel and then have the hinges removed, which are connected to the panel.

You should be cautious when you deal with glass.

After that, simply have the track disconnected by means of unscrewing it from the frame of the door.

If you plan on replacing the automatic opener of the door, have the track removed first from above.

With this, you will have to disconnect the existing opener as well as the door itself.

Place a reinforcing bar.

If your new garage door is a two-car one, you should position a reinforcing bar on the top panel first in order to prevent the door from bowing in the middle.

Make sure that the bar has been placed in the middle of the panel.

Then, have some pilot holes drilled, and then by means of some screws, secure the bar itself.

After that has been done, attach some hinges to the top of the panel.

You can find that some doors often come with pilot holes that are already drilled in.

After that, have the bottom panel placed into the opening of the door.

Then, make sure that the panel is held upright by means of driving a nail into the wall that is next to the panel and then bends it over to make sure that the panel is held in place.

You have to ensure that the panel is level before you attach the succeeding panel.

Install the door panels.

Once you have done the steps above, you should install the new door.

You should place the next panel on top of the preceding panel and then repeat the step until all of the door panels have been completed.

Ensure first that the groove of the panel at the upper part is able to rest on the ridge that is located at the lower panel.

The last panel should be able to extend one inch or so higher at the top of the opening of the door.

Secure the panels.

While you are inside the garage, make sure that the top half of the hinger is secured to the panel that is located above.

Then, have the wheeled axles placed into the hinges at the side as well as at the top and bottom of the support axles.

After you have attached the brackets, you should have them placed against the wall.

Ensure that the wheels all lie properly on the track as well.

After that has been done, simply attach the cable to the door to the hook that is located on the rear panel support axle before you attach it to the bottom bracket of the wall.

Then, have the hinges secured and then install the track.

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