Like any other man-made mechanism, it is only natural for a garage door to experience some problems along the way.

This is especially true when it comes to your garage door opener motor.

This is a part of the garage door which is an electrical device that has the ability to open as well as shut the garage door without the need to manually pull or push it.

Repairing the problems that involve the motor does not necessarily mean dismantling it.

It can easily be addressed by means of some external adjustments.

You will need a garage door motor repair service for this, which could be given by garage door repair in Indianapolis.

However, to give you a guide, here are some of the solutions that you can apply for your garage door motor repair.

Inspect the door.

Before you start this step, you have to ensure first that the garage door is functioning properly.

You have to spray the sides of the garage door and its hinges by means of a lubricant that is silicon-based.

You should pay special attention to the tracks’ alignment, along with the chain and the tightness of the screws.

This should be able to solve the issues that involve the door that is only opening or closing halfway.

Moreover, you should inspect whether the garage door springs are properly functioning, as they are usually the root cause of damaged motors.

However, you should only let the professionals handle the garage door motor repair, especially if it includes the springs.

They are very dangerous components that could be hazardous for inexperienced hands.

Perform the basics.

Although the basics are very obvious.

They are often overlooked by most users whenever they attempt to repair a motor unit.

The garage door opener operates by means of remote control and thus has a connection to the power of the circuit of the house. Hence, you should ensure that the outlet is connected firmly.

Then, try to switch the unit on.

Remove the power supply that has been connected and then plug it in once more.

Wait for some time first, at least fifteen minutes before you attempt to open that garage door so that the motor will be given time to cool off.

A hot motor can cause a jam to the system.

Ensure that the lock has been deactivated too.

Remember that the proper garage door motor repair should only be undertaken by a professional.

Troubleshoot the remote control.

Another possible culprit behind the motor is the unresponding of the opener to the remote control.

When faced with this situation, simply have the batteries replaced.

If it does not work, you can buy a new remote control to have the motor unit turned on or off.

A new one might also be warranted if the door is opening on its own, which indicates a button that is jammed.

There is also a possibility that the remote has been deprogrammed, which you will need a user’s manual to have it reset.

Realign the electric eyes.

If the garage door is not closing yet opens just fine, you should read the manual and have the electric eye of the opener unit realigned.

You can do this usually by means of adjusting both the screws that are connected within the unit on the left.

These electric eyes should be cleaned by using a clean cloth to wipe them in order to avoid problems that involve the reversal mechanism of the door.

This will prevent incorrect operation.

You should also check the wiring of the beam sensors and see if they are properly connected to the unit.

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