People who live in areas where parking the car outside is required will know how much help and comfort it is to have a garage, especially in terms of convenience.

A car that is parked outside without a shed can be exposed to various elements, which could result in problems.

Yet, if you have a garage but with some opener issues, it is useless.

You need the utmost service from the garage door opener to keep your valuables safe.

As such, if the door is only able to close halfway or is not able to respond to the controls, then you have to find out what the problem is, along with what you should do to solve it.

In order to do this, you have to call a garage door repair in Indianapolis immediately.

To guide you, here are some of the garage door opener problems that might need a garage door opener repair.

The switch does not work.

A garage door switch that is not working and is failing when it comes to operating the garage door may have the following problems:

Locked Door

The reason why the switch is not working may be due to the fact that the door has been locked. It does not necessarily warrant a garage door opener repair.

You should be aware that the switch in most garage doors is often equipped with two buttons.

These are used for opening as well as closing, and the other is for locking.

Hence, if the lock button is pushed, then it will stop the door from opening.

You should have the lock button tested.

If it does not work, call a garage door repair in Indianapolis for this.

Unplugged Motor

If the above reason is not applicable, then you might have to check the motor.

Inspect the motor that is connected to the light that is near the ceiling at the rear end of the chain.

If the plug has not been inserted, then that is the issue.

Simply plug it back into the socket.

Faulty Photo-Eyes

The photo-eye sensor is the safety feature that is equipped in almost all garage doors.

These sensors are positioned at the end of the opening of the garage door, with one being on either side.

The two sensors have the ability to project a light beam to each other in order to confirm that the pathway is clear.

If something is interrupting the beam, they will prevent the door from closing.

As such, this prevention is meant to prevent hurting anyone or damaging an object while it closes.

You should be aware that this feature should only affect the closing mechanism of the door.

Hence, if it is not the one that is affecting the closing, then the issue might lie somewhere else.

However, if it is really the culprit, you can have them easily fixed.

You have to ensure first that nothing is disrupting the beam.

Then, have the sensors checked if they are properly aligned and positioned to face each other.

After that, simply wipe off any dirt that may have settled on the lenses.

Tripping Circut Breaker

If your garage door is unlocked and the motor is plugged in, the problem may lie behind the circuit breaker that is tripping or a burned-out fuse.

There is definitely a good chance that the lights and other electronics in the garage won’t be able to work if this is the case.

In order to fix this, call a garage door opener repair or a garage door repair in Indianapolis.

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