Garage door springs replacement is something to think about when the garage door is experiencing some mechanical issues.

This is also something to ruminate on when a garage door is working perfectly fine.

We should not wait for the chance that the garage doors will start malfunctioning to start making maintenance checks on them.

It is completely understandable, though.

The garage door springs are one of the most neglected parts of a garage door.

They only come to light if they are visibly broken or the garage door does not close or open properly or fully.

Should this happen, professionals advise that homeowners get a garage door repair service company to fix this issue.

However, sometimes, there are instances that can allow for DIY projects pertaining to garage door springs replacement.

There are also ways that can help someone understand this complicated garage door part.

Below are chunks of information one should know when it comes to garage door springs replacement.

There are two types of garage door springs: torsion springs and extension springs.

Torsion Springs

Garage doors usually have two to four of this type of spring.

Sometimes, they could even have just one.

This is greatly dependent on the strength, weight, and size of the garage doors.

Torsion springs are quite broad in width and are normally on the metal shaft that are on top of the door opening.

Enumerated below are the four kinds of torsion springs.

  1. Standard
  2. Torque-master
  3. Steel rolling-door
  4. Early-set

Extension Springs

These springs are the ones usually seen and featured in pictures of garage door parts on the internet.

They are described to be long, thin springs that loop around parallel to the tracks of the garage doors.

The tracks stated here are the horizontal ones; thus, giving the notion that extension springs are also horizontal.

These springs are the ones that store energy for when the garage door is in operation.

The energy is used for when the garage door is stretching itself out or is extending it to be closed.

Get garage door springs from credible online sources or from physical hardware stores.

Hardware manufacturers, stores, and online sources have a wide bounty of resources for garage door parts.

One of these garage door parts is garage door springs.

Both torsion and extension springs should be within those stores and online sources.

To be able to get the best springs for one’s garage doors, it is best to take the proper measurement of one’s garage doors.

This is to ensure that a homeowner gets the correct size of springs (both torsion and extension) for their doors.

In addition to this, it also helps in the identifying of which spring type to get.

Gather the correct set of tools for garage door springs replacement.

It is advised by professionals that homeowners gather the correct set of tools when doing garage door springs replacement.

Wenches, winding bars, and vise grips are a few of the tools right for the job as well as socket wrenches.

Some parts of the procedure may prove to be quite complex for some people.

Experts suggest that homeowners contact garage door repair service companies to do this for them.

This is to ensure the safety of the whole household.

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Another thing to bear in mind is the certification, credibility, and the licenses a company has.

A good garage door repair service company can prove to its clients its credibility.

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