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    There is nothing more frustrating than a garage door moving slow.

    However, there can be a lot of reasons that could be behind this.

    As such, we have to ascertain first the causes for such a poor performance.

    To give you some tips, here are some of the reasons for a garage door moving slow:

    The garage door is old.

    When the torsion springs are already old, or there are components that are wearing out, the door itself won’t function properly.

    It is essential that you upgrade the garage door opener.

    Moreover, if it has been moving slowly for quite some time now, you can have it replaced with a new one.

    There are new garage doors out there with openers that allow for a high-speed operation.

    As it does not have to work as hard as other openers out there, it can last for a long time.

    Remember, do not install the opener on your own if you do not have prior experience or knowledge.

    You can reach out to a garage door installation in Indianapolis for this.

    The speed settings are at fault.

    Whether you know this or not, the garage door opener actually can be programmed to open as well as close for your own safety.

    You can check the manual to examine whether you can safely and easily set the garage door opener’s speed settings to a fast one.

    If it is too complicated for you, you can have a professional garage door repair in Indianapolis do it for you.

    Little to no lubrication

    The garage door tracks, rollers, and hinges actually require a certain amount of lubrication for them to function properly.

    It is essential that you ensure to regularly lubricate the moving parts of the garage door system, even if it really has nothing wrong with it.

    Proper lubrication is needed for the maintenance of the garage door.

    It permits the garage door system to be opened and closed in a smooth way, thus reducing the stress that is put on the system.

    Moreover, it also allows the opener and the other components to last longer as well as prevent breakdowns more often.

    Lubrication on your garage door can provide wonders to the door, where it makes it open and close quietly and quickly.

    You can call a garage door repair in Indianapolis for an annual or semi-annual performance inspection and maintenance.

    They will be able to make sure that the door is well-lubricated along with its parts

    Reach out to a professional

    After you have identified the reason why you have a garage door moving slow, it’s time to call in the big guns.

    It is essential that you know when it is time to call for a garage door repair in Indianapolis.

    It might also be possible that you are just impatient and you do not like the speed that the garage door is carrying.

    If you have been used to the speed of a usual commercial garage door, then the residential garage door at hand may be slow for you.

    There are warehouses as well as other commercial enterprises that often employ the use of high-speed doors that are designed to open as well as close with speed so as to meet the requirements of their industry.

    Yet, you have to know that even a residential garage door that is average is also likewise designed to operate at the rate of almost seven inches per second.

    It means that you can expect that the door will fully open or close in about 15 seconds, at least for a standard garage door.

    If the door is taking far longer than the usual 15 seconds, and it is not really a large door, then the problem will need to be solved by a professional.

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