It is common for commercial buildings to have large garage doors in order for their products as well as assets to be protected from outsiders.

This is similar to warehouses, distribution centers, and parking garages.

Yet, it is important these garage doors be regularly maintained in order to make sure that they provide maximum efficiency as well as a smooth operation.

Hence, a commercial garage door that is inefficient and damaged can have significant effects on the productivity of the business, which could lead to losses.

If you have a damaged commercial garage door, it is best if you call a garage door repair in Indianapolis.

As such, to guide you, here are some of the common problems with your commercial garage doors, in which you may need a commercial garage door repair.

Worn Out Rollers

Your commercial garage door is usually equipped with more rollers compared to a residential garage door because of its size.

Given that, if it is exposed to wear and tear, it can easily wear out and absorb dirt as well as debris, which could affect the operation.


Metal tracks are in charge of facilitating the movement when it comes to commercial garage doors.

If these tracks are misaligned or damaged, it can significantly disrupt the closing as well as the opening of the door.

When it comes to this, you need to adjust the tracks or replace them as a whole.

Damaged Motors

Commercial garage doors are most often automatic as they have motors that can run the cables whenever they open as well as close the door.

However, the motor can also face wear and damage when it has been used a lot, so you have to do some commercial garage door repair or replacement in order to restore the proper function of the door.

Remember that the replacement should only be done by garage door installation in Indianapolis.

Damaged or Dirty Rollers

Rollers usually permit the garage door to move seamlessly along the tracks.

However, over the course of time, they can be exposed to dirt as well as debris.

Hence, they can also become rusted, damaged, or worn out if their maintenance has been overlooked by the owners.

If this happens to you, the garage door may have difficulties in the opening as well as closing the door.

Moreover, it can produce grinding or squeaking noises that are disruptive.

There are some cases where a simple cleaning, as well as lubrication of the rollers, can easily get things to run back up.

This one is a job that you can easily perform at least twice every year.

Keep in mind that it is best if a commercial garage door repair professional is the one to do such a task.

Yet, if the rollers have been too damaged or worn out, then they will have to be replaced by a garage door repair in Indianapolis.

Damaged or Worn Out Springs

The torsion springs in your commercial garage door usually counterbalance the weight of the door, thus permitting it to open as well as close smoothly.

Given that, if you do not have a torsion spring that can function properly, then you will not be able to lift the door.

A torsion spring is usually able to run at 10,000 cycles per lifetime, so if they have been overly used, they can wear out easily.

A torsion spring that is failing will put the door out of operation.

Moreover, it can also cause sudden breakdowns, which could result in various consequences, which includes a door that can crash down.

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