Garage Door Spring Repair: What You Need To Know

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    The garage door spring is something that we do not always see.

    Hence, it can be easy to overlook them and neglect them.

    Oftentimes, we only notice them when they begin to deteriorate and start to affect the performance of the door.

    However, they are actually one of the most important components of the garage door.

    There are people who undertake the repairs needed for the springs, which is not safe at all.

    It is always best to reach out to a garage door repair in Indianapolis for this.

    Yet, to give you an overview of the repair process of the springs, here are some of the tips on garage door spring repair: what you need to know.

    Learn about the various types of springs.

    Before attempting to replace the spring on your door, you should first check the type of spring that needs to be replaced.

    It is important to educate yourself regarding this, as it is part of the garage door spring repair: what you need to know.

    Springs for the garage door usually come in two categories:

    Extension Springs

    Extension springs are springs that are long and skinny.

    They go in parallel to the horizontal tracks of the door and store their energy by means of stretching or extending whenever the door moves.

    They come in three types: open-looped springs, double-looped springs, or clipped-end springs.

    Open-looped springs are considered the weakest type of extension springs, as they rely on the open wire at the rear.

    Once this wire breaks, you have to replace the entire spring itself, never mind if it is the only component that is faulty.

    Double-looped springs, on the other hand, are far stronger than the first one, as it features two coils that are usually found at the rear of the spring that links to the pulley and the eyebolt.

    Lastly, the clipped-end springs are the strongest of the three.

    They can live longer and can be used frequently on garage doors that have a weight of more than 200lbs.

    Torsion Springs

    Your garage door can employ one to four torsion springs.

    It just depends on the size, the weight, and the strength of the door.

    This type of spring is broad, which can be located on a metal shaft that is on top of the opening of the door.

    There are aluminum drums that are put on each side of the metal shaft, where the springs are winded to a particular torsion setting, which is relative to the system.

    These torsion springs can either be standard, early-set, torque-master, or steel rolling-door springs.

    The standard torsion springs are most commonly found on garage doors in the residential area, as they are lighter doors that only require a single spring for an effective operation.

    Early-set springs, on the other hand, are quite similar to the standard ones.

    However, they are placed on the middle of the shaft of the torsion.

    Meanwhile, the steel rolling-door springs can normally be seen in some of the commercial and industrial buildings.

    They are springs that are contained inside the torsion barrel.

    For torque-master springs, they are usually enclosed inside the torsion shaft.

    They are held in position by the winding cones that usually sit at the end of the rods.

    The most common types of springs that are for residential replacements are the extension springs, but they can also use standard or early-set torsion springs.

    Just remember that it is entirely dangerous to replace the springs yourself.

    Hence, you should reach out to a garage door repair in Indianapolis.

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