How to Open a Garage Door Without Power

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    how to open garage door without power

    If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to open your garage door but the power is out, don’t worry – there are several ways to do it! In this blog post, we will discuss three different methods that you can use to get your garage door open. Keep in mind that some of these methods may require some manual labor on your part, but they are all worth trying if you need to get into your garage and the power is out.

    What is a Garage Door?

    A garage door is a large door on a garage that opens either manually or by an electric motor (commonly referred to as an opener). Garage doors are very heavy and usually made out of metal or wood. They are used to give cars, trucks, and other vehicles access to the garage.

    What are the types of garage doors?

    There are three main types of garage doors:

    Sectional doors:

    These are the most common type of garage door. They are made up of several sections that hinge together and roll up on tracks when opened.

    Rolling doors:

    These doors work similarly to sectional doors, but they do not have sections. Instead, they have a single door that rolls up on tracks.

    One-piece doors:

    These doors are made of one piece that swings outwards or slides up and overhead. They are not as common as the other two types, but they can be found on some older homes.

    What you’ll need to open the garage door without power

    – A ladder

    – A screwdriver

    – A drill

    – A power drill (if your garage door opener is electric)

    – Some strong rope or twine

    Methods to open garage door without power:

    Method #01: Manually open the door by disengaging the opener

    If you have a sectional garage door, this should be a relatively easy process. Start by locating the manual release handle on your garage door opener.

    This is usually a red cord that hangs down from the motor unit. Once you find it, pull on the cord to disengage the opener from the door. Once the opener is disengaged, you should be able to open the door manually.

    If you have a rolling door or a one-piece door, this process may be a little more difficult. You will need to find the brackets that hold the tracks in place and remove them. Once the tracks are removed, you should be able to lift the door manually.

    Method #02: Use a ladder to access the garage door

    If your garage door is too high off the ground for you to reach, you can try using a ladder. Place the ladder underneath the garage door track and make sure that it is sturdy before climbing up. Once you are at the top of the ladder, you will need to push the garage door up manually. It may take some effort, but this should get the door open.

    Method #03: Use a drill to open the door

    If you have an electric garage door opener, you can try using a drill to open the door. Start by drilling a hole in the center of the garage door. Be careful not to drill too high or too low – you want the hole to be in the middle of the door so that the opener’s release cord is accessible.

    Once you have drilled the hole, insert the screwdriver into it and hook it onto the cord. Pull-on the cord until it comes out of the housing. Once the cord is out, you should be able to open the door manually.

    We hope that these tips were helpful and that you now know how to open a garage door without power.

    If you are unable to handle it then we recommend you to contact with Garage Doors company. If you found this blog post useful, please share it with your friends and family! Thank you for reading.

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